Friday, January 15, 2010

An American? I Assure You, You Are Not.

On Tuesday afternoon, a 7.0 earthquake shook Haiti and Haitians alike to the core. Those of whom are/were and have family's in Port-au-Prince have been glued to some form of news feed in order to find out developing details. Those who simply care about the human race, have also been glued to their own news feed, to see how they can help, because every little bit does help.

However, in the course of the last two days, although entitled to their own opinions, their have also been those whom simply don't care. Why? Well, because it doesn't affect them in any way shape or form. Now, one does not have to care because it was Haiti. One does not have to care because it happened to be a black nation. One doesn't even have to care because it was a natural disaster that happened to to an already unfortunate nation, that has been plagued by many natural disasters, along with political unrest and overall anarchy. But perhaps, one SHOULD care because, we are a global community. One man's unfortunate situation, maybe yours one day and I gather you would want the rest of the world coming to your rescue and aid.

With that being said, there's a Facebook group that has the audacity to be anti Haitian at the moment. Are you kidding? Whoever created this group, please tell me you grew up under a rock, and was not fortunate enough to be likened with the emotion of decency, at no given time. Not only is that cruel and disrecpectful but they actually said that the money being given to Haiti should be reinstitued back into America. Financial recession, or not, I don't see shops like Gucci, and Chanel closing down, do you? We may need it, but they definitely need it much more. Rest assured, fellow Facebook group creator, you are not an American, not in the in the true sense of enthnicity and ancestry. American citizen, perhaps, as most of us are. Our roots, our culture, our backgrounds, all that makes us who we are has no America attached to it. We ALL came from somewhere, and when YOUR somewhere is in need of help via text donations and such. Perhaps we all should also be creating our very own anti-[insert here] Facebook groups.

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