Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mr. Big or Aidan?

We all have them, those two men our lives that fall into one category or another...

First, there's Mr. Big: the unattainable, mysterious, aloof, sexy only-in-you-eyes kinda guy that we all desperately want, but cannot have. Can it really ever work out with a Big? In real life, most likely not, you know this, but that doesn't stop you from wanting him all the more: you have several break-ups, and lots of great sex, but ultimately a Big's commitment-phobia and refusal to grow-up results in either a) termination of a relationship or b) an unhappy relationship. Very rarely do people actually change! They try, it lasts for a few months, and then it goes back to the same way it was before, all drama and problems included. Preserve what you have, while you still can.

And then there's Aidan: the cute, scruffy, does EVERYTHING right guy. The "I won't stop til I get you" type of guy. He's artistic, emotionally available, willing to make it work, appreciates you for yourself. And yet you still look back to see what's going on with Mr. Big...

Will we never learn?

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